What exactly is "Look like a star" public relations and how can your team help my my independent music brand "O.A.Music"?

URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R responded on 11/17/2012

Founded in 2011 by Lashaun Turner, Look Like A Star P.R (www.LookLikeAStarPr.com) is an emerging leader in Publicity & Exposure campaigns for Entrepreneurs and Artists. The company utilizes a number of multi-media digital outlets which provide online content distribution, including various social blogging platforms, magazines, TV and Radio. The company offers a fulltime publicist dedicated to setting, achieving & maintaining the organizations brand exposure goals. Our service is known for quality, timely results at affordable prices. We have been quite successful in increasing and managing the public’s interest- creating a buzz, for our clients brand and/or organization.
You can view some of the artists i've worked with @ http://www.LashaunTurner.com

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